asherWhere do the animals that are at your rescue come from?

A lot of the animals we get come from owner surrenders or abandonment. We have a good reputation for taking care of special needs pets, so they tend to come to us.

How can I adopt a pet?

Go to the “Application Form” page and fill out all the required information. The rescue will get an email and then review the application. Remember, we only accept applications on pets that we have listed as ready to be adopted.

How can I know as soon as a pet is ready to be adopted?

There are a couple ways to know when a pet is ready to be adopted. You can follow the rescue on Facebook and look for the announcement on their News Feed, you can check the “Adoptable Pets” page on this website incrementally, or you can Follow the website to get e-mails when a new post is made. A new post is made when a pet is ready to be adopted, so you will get an e-mail!

Can I expect to get a response when I submit an application?

We receive a lot of applications. While we attempt to respond to each applicant sometimes that is not realistic. If you are chosen to adopt the pet we will contact you, if another applicant is chosen you may not get a response. Don’t let not getting picked for one pet deter you! We try to match pups with similar families, so try again with another pup! We appreciate your interest.

I’m having issues with the website and/or application form, who can I contact?

For technical issues please contact hudsonhalfwayhome.info@gmail.com.

I have a question about a pet and/or the rescue in general, who can I contact?

For questions concerning pets, applications, or the rescue in general please send an email to halfwayhome2@yahoo.com.


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