How to Tube Feed

As more people follow our page and our rescues sometimes we forget everyone has not been here since the start, and very few people have ever seen a cleft affected pup or know why we take them at very young ages.

Our pups typically come to us from breeders directly or vet clinics post csection. These are the lucky ones, other meet a much worse fate. Some fear that having a pup with an abnormality with tarnish their reputation. World wide puppies born with clefts, and other abnormalities are euthanized, drown, and throw out like trash like the never existed.

It is very important that the pup gets to us ASAP once the cleft is found. Puppies with clefts can NOT create suction in MOST cases, so they can not nurse from mom. They are at higher risk of aspiration pneumonia if they are syringe, bottle or sponge fed so we tube feed ( see video). With this method we pass a tube through the mouth directly to the stomach bypassing the cleft and decreasing the risk of aspiration.

We function as a fill in mother to these puppies. We are responsible for feeding, pottying, cleaning and anything else they need. Newborns require our attention every two hours and some hourly around the clock. This means if we are away from home for more than 2 hours they go with us or to a “sitter”.

We are 100% committed to these pups from the time we receive their plea. No one in our organization is paid, this is all done purely volunteer. We truly love seeing each puppy defy the odds. This is exactly what I am meant to do.

We can also help pups outside our area by setting them up with another rescue options. We are lucky to have good relationships with several other people who share our passion for special needs pups.